Melene is short for Carmelena,  originating from the Italian word "golden".  The Melene Kent Jewels namesake originated from several generations of women who curated and designed jewelry in NYC.   Christie's self-taught esthetic is continually inspired by their heritage.  Married to almost everything  80's Christie naturally birthed  Melene Kent Jewels with a sophisticated rocker chic vibe that is both classic and edgy.  


The Melene Kent Jewels collection is influenced by symmetry and texture found in nature and the symbolism and  significance of metals and crystals are considered during Christie's design process.  MKJ ethically sources raw material for handmade jewelry, uses recycled materials and supports the Toolbox Initiative which provides supplies to jewelers in West Africa.  Christie has volunteered at Shriners to help rehab fine motor skills through jewelry workshops. 


The scarab motif has been symbolic of good fortune & overcoming obstacles since ancient times.  Melene Kent Jewels handmade designs are available in the independent design line for Bloomingdales, at select boutiques and by commission.