The namesake, Melene originated from Carmelena, a term of affection meaning " dear + golden".  I inherited my middle name, along with a zest for design. Melene is a name that has passed down through four generations. Influences from my Italian heritage, and adoration of the 80's have inspired Melene Kent Jewels for two decades. These designs are timeless, often described as "sophisticated rocker chic". The scarab motif has been symbolic of good fortune & overcoming obstacles since ancient times.  MKJ designs were first publicly displayed at Boston Fashion Week, subsequently commissioned by Bloomingdales, fine boutiques and bespoke clients around the world. Over the years technology has shifted away from traditional soldering, making permanent jewelry application possible through the tungsten inert gas laser welding technique. Elements of symbolism have always been incorporated into MKJ creations, and eternity jewelry became a natural extension. 

The concept of "permanent" jewelry is one I've adored for as long as I can recall.  As a child I  admired tightly fitting  jade bangles that adorned beautiful women on the pages of National Geographic.  The thought of growing into a piece of jewelry was captivating. Then came friendship bracelets, pins and  best friend necklaces.  Spotting my BFF sport her jagged half as we passed in the hallways, knowing she never took it off filled my heart.  Although time has passed, my most prized possessions remain jewels acquired from family and friends, as well as during travel. Memories and love are housed in those metals and each tells a story. Jewelry at its best evokes a feeling, an extension of your spirit. 

MKJ ethically sources materials and utilizes recycled metals from the US, Italy and Germany. Designs are handmade, fair-trade, small batch and guaranteed to last a lifetime.