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 By appointment. Please contact  pop-up location to book 

 By appointment. Please contact  pop-up location to book 



Feb. 10th:  Sage - Salem, MA   

Feb. 13th: Salon Pure - Salem, NH  1-5

March 9th: Willow -  Windham, NH  11-3

April 13th: Bloomingdales- Chestnut Hill

April 27th: Lunachics - Exeter, NH 

May 5th: The Estuary- Essex, MA

May 18th: Chic Consignment - Andover, MA

June 1st: Volition - Wenham, MA 


Jan. 8th:  Monroe, Charlestown  

Jan. 14th:  Willow, Windham

Feb. 8th: The Merry Lion, Wakefield 

Feb. 11th:  janegee, Portsmouth 

Feb. 12th:  Sage, Salem  

March 11th:  Bloomingdales, Newton  

March 14th:  Vega Vitality, Boston 

April 12th: House of Ivy, Boston 

April 15th:  Bloomingdales, Newton

May 4th: Salon Adoraval, Middleton 

May 11th: The Merry Lion, Wakefield 

May 13th: Entyre, Saugus 

May 18th: Sorellina, Londonderry 

June 4th: Monroe, Charlestown 

June 16th: Goods Ogunquit 

June 17th:  Willow, Windham 

July 14th:  Mackenzie & Co., Sandwich

August 17th:  Milk Money, Wellesley

August 31st:  Morandi, Osterville

September 9th: Bloomingdales, Chestnut Hill

September 25th: Salon Pure, Salem NH

September 28th: Sweetbay, Wakefield

September 30th: Willow, Windham

October 19th: To Make Beautiful, Stoneham

October 26th: The Merry Lion, Wakefield

November 17th: Skin MD, Peabody

December 6th: Albion Exchange, Wakefield

December 7th: Sweetbay, Wakefield


Jan. 9th:  Willow,  Windham 

Feb. 6th:  Monroe, Charlestown

May 1st:  Monroe,  Charlestown

May 7th:  Madewell,  Hingham 

May 15th:  Willow,  Windham 

July 23rd:  Salte, Edgartown 

August 28th:  janegee,  Portsmouth

September 18th:  Salon Pure,  Salem

September 24th:  Lunachics,  Exeter 

October 11th:  The Kensington,  Boston

October 25th,  Salon Pure, Salem 

October 27th:   Milk Money, Wellesley

November 5th:    janegee,  Portsmouth  

November 17th:  Lunachics,  Exeter  

Nov. 29th: Sorellina, Londonderry 

Nov. 30th: Sorellina, Londonderry 

Dec. 4th:   The Salty Buddha,  Peabody  

December 7th :  Monroe, Charlestown 

December 8th:  Milk Money, Wellesley 

December 16th:  The Salty Buddha,  Peabody 

December 17th:  The Salty Buddha,  Peabody  

December 20th:  Salon Pure, Salem NH  


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