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Permanent jewelry Boston

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is permanent jewelry?

Otherwise known as eternity and forever jewelry, permanent jewelry is fitted and welded, eliminating the clasp. A curated collection comprised of platinum,14K gold (y +w),  gold fill (y + rose), sterling and diamond accents are offered as seamless necklaces, anklets and bracelets. Charms and accents are handmade in small batches and chains are made in America, Italy and Germany. Only the best for you. Forever.

Why choose MKJ? 

Melene Kent Jewels is greater Boston's premiere permanent jeweler, having worked in the industry for 19 years.  Quality is guaranteed, having completed over one thousand welds, consistent five star reviews and twenty years of jewelry design. MKJ is acclaimed for bespoke work and has crafted commissioned jewels for Bloomingdales, Boston boutiques and private clients. Please click here to read more about the  

What styles of chains are available?

A variety of twenty styles are available in 14K yellow gold 14K white gold, 18K yellow gold, 14K gold fill, and sterling silver. Inventory may vary, upon request you will be provided images and a detailed quote.   Gold fill and sterling silver pieces have set pricing, starting at eighty dollars.  Solid 14K  and is priced per inch, starting at twenty dollars.


Can I add a charm?

Yes, charms and connectors are available in sterling, and and solid 14K gold (y + w) with options to add diamond accents. MKJ collaborates with several independent artisans to curate a one of a kind, handmade selection with twenty options. All accent pieces are made in the US and India. 

What is the source and quality of your materials? 

All chains are ethically sourced from within the US and Italy. Our raw materials are meticulously selected from MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America) certified sources.  Recycled materials are utilized when available and the remnants of finished pieces are also recycled and/or donated to The Toolbox Initiative.  Top quality of MKJ handmade jewelry is guaranteed. 

What does the process entail? 

Micro welding techniques offers a precise, rapid method of bonding metals. Condensed electrical currents and a flash of heat seamlessly weld your bracelet in a matter of seconds. 

How can my jewelry be removed or re-welded?

MKJ jewelry can be worn in MRI machines and through airport security. Most pieces can be removed at home with wire cutters.  Each purchase includes  complimentary re-welding service. If it's inconvenient to re-book, you may mail your chain and have a clasp added for a small fee. MKJ bears no responsibility for lost jewelry.


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