Frequently Asked Questions 

What styles of chains are available?

A variety of styles are available in 14K gold, 14K gold fill, and sterling silver.  Chains range in weight , from wispy to bold. Chain inventory may vary, upon request you will be provided images and a detailed quote. Bracelets, anklets and necklaces in 14K gold fill and sterling silver have set pricing, starting at eighty dollars.  Solid 14K  gold is priced per inch.  

What is the source and quality of your materials? 

All materials are ethically sourced, usually from within the US and Italy. Our raw materials are meticulously selected from MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America) certified vendors.  Recycled materials are utilized when available and remnants are donated to The Toolbox Initiative.  Materials are nickel and lead free. We guarantee the quality of MKJ handmade jewelry.  

What does the process entail? 

Micro welding techniques offers a precise, rapid method of bonding metals. Condensed electrical currents and a flash of heat seamlessly weld your bracelet in a matter of seconds. 

How can my jewelry be removed?

Most pieces can be removed at home with wire cutters or shears.  Each purchase includes one complimentary re-weld.  A clasp may be added to your custom cut chain.